Sunday 16 June 2013

St Mawes to Falmouth Ferry

During our holidays in St Austell we decided to take a trip on a ferry. 
We drove to a little village called St Mawes and caught the ferry from there across to Falmouth.
The boat hoomans were nice boys (one of them called me "pooch!"), we sat on the bottom bit of the boat right at the front. 
You have to get tickets before you get on board (from the little shed) and access is down concrete steps so not suitable for those who cant do steps or who have wheelchairs and pushchairs (unless you can carry them - some hoomans were carrying their pushchairs!) 
Dogs can sit anywhere on the boats and their are 3 different boats that do the trip. Duchess of Cornwall, May Queen and Queen of Falmouth. (we got the Duchess to Falmouth and the May Queen back to St Mawes). 
It costs £9 for a return adult hooman ticket, £4.30 for a hooman puppy and dogs travel free :) 

Join me for a ride ...


  1. What an adventure! How fun!

    1. It was soopa, I didn't get seasick but mine legs went a bit wobbly coz I stood up the whole way to Falmouth and I had to do emergency pooclub when I got back on dry land.

      I do like a nice boat!

  2. So cool that you go to go on a ferry. Hope you didn't get seasick!

    1. Nope I duznt get seasick *shakes head* just wobbly legs from standing up the whole way. (I cudda sat down, I chose not to!) You ever been on a boat?