Sunday 23 March 2014

Salt Bar Hayle

Whilst we were in Hayle for a week recently we decided to check out "Salt". We had been told it was dog friendly and checked out the menu online already. We planned to visit twice; once for lunch and once for dinner. First we headed for an evening dinner, the hooman working at Salt suggested we sit in the corner (I dont think he was being mean but salt is quite small and I am a larger breed of dog!) So we sat where he had pointed and ordered our food.  Whilst we waited another customer came over and fussed me and chatted to my girl; he was saying how he wanted a greyhound too so that was soopa and I hope he does get one coz he gives PAWSOME fusses! Soon dinner arrived. Hooman boy had "monkfish scampi" and hooman girl had
"Mushroom and Hullumi burger" The food was really really good, tasted GREYT and good value - not cheap, Salt isn't your average pub but not expensive either and the food was well worth the price.

We went back for lunch 2 days later and the hoomans ordered the "club sandwich"  and a "Mediterranean vegetable melt" again the food was extremely nommy and everyone was really nice and friendly.

5 / 5 paws for SALT! 


  1. Oh sooo cool to find a dog friendly restaurant:-)

  2. We are going to try this place next time we are down that way.