Sunday 6 April 2014

The new look Victoria Inn Salcombe TQ8 8BU

We made a return trip to The Victoria Inn at Salcombe a couple of weeks ago to check out their new look establishment following the big refurbishment recently and since we had enjoyed our previous visits so much we were all very very excited!

We arrived around 12 midday and luckily found a parking space in the car park opposite the pub and headed inside. We were lucky as there wasn't many people in at the time so we got to choose where to sit (we chose the window seat) we were given menu's (They even do a doggy menu now! It has piggy luggs and Bonio's and rawhide chews on. My own self thinks dem shud add snozzages and hams to the doggy menu!). Any ways, my hoomans did looking (at the hooman menu!) and chose dems noms (or more chose lots of noms as they didn't wish to decide on one option!) Hooman boy had the pulled pork roll and hooman girl had the bubble and sqweek (without the egg!) they also had the Camembert to share and then they had Marmite chips because they were curious about them! 

Hooman boy was as usual not very committal in his review "it was alright" is about as good as it gets with him, so I grilled him for some more descriptive words and hooman girl is my fussy hooman (not only is she vegetarian but she's also fussy about textures and tastes and how "clean" food is) so she told me much more about the foods. 

Here goes... 

Pulled Pork 

The meat was nice and cooked well. It came with apple sauce which was good as hooman boy found the meat a bit dry and in need of something to make it less so. The apple sauce did that. But maybe it should be cooked in more of a sauce and have some of it left on the meat to make it more moist on serving. 

Bubble and Sqweek

OK now hooman girl changed the meal so maybe it's better in its original format but like I say she's fussy. The bubble and sqweek comes in a cider cream sauce with a pouched egg on top. Hooman girl didn't want the egg so asked for it without but that meant her whole meal was one flavour (she doesn't like one flavour meals as she gets bored easily) Mostly the bubble and sqweek tasted like potato; think it needed more greenery. It was nice though and like I said probably better with the egg on top. 


The camembert was a winner, both hoomans eatted it and there was none of it left at the end. It was flavoured with rosemary and came with a nice bread roll thing for dipping. I have no negatives to report about this one. It was 5/5 paws soopa! 

Marmite Chips 

Now this was an odd item that hooman girl had seen on the menu and wanted to try so she had them as a sort of dessert (yes she is odd!) They were literally a portion of chips in a bowl with a marmite sauce sqweezed over the top like you would kethup. Neither hooman actually likes Marmite so not sure why we got them but we all tried some. I dont like Marmite either. I did sniff it, then I did lick it. Then I said . Yuck! Hooman boy tried them and said Yuck. Hooman girl liked them and wants more. Odd right? 

 Ontie Liz the landlady came over to say Hi, give me some fusses and some Ham from the kitchen (dont tell chef!) but she was soopa soopa busy serving customers and answering phones and talking to the chef and the other staff and helping customers find things and all those other important things. The Victoria Inn is always busy when we go there, no matter what time of day it is. We've been weekends and week days and it's always been buzzing in there. If you dont want to be disappointed I recommend as always that you call ahead and book a table. 

They still have a fabaroony garden with chickens and other birds and a kiddy play park, and a patio area and a grassed area (but it was being closed when we visited!) They also now have an upstairs area with HUGE patio doors so loads more seating. 

So I am glad to say we definitely still recommend a visit to the Victoria Inn Salcombe. Hoomans definitely recommend the Camembert and I definitely recommend the ham!
Iz such a rebel!

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  1. What a lovely place, and fab that they have a doggie menu. Though you should ask them to add sausages!