Tuesday 3 June 2014

The Boathouse Dawlish Warren

We heard that the Boathouse in Dawlish Warren had a new menu and so we decided to pop down one afternoon (we only live 5 mins from here!) the website says that main meals are 2 for 1 on weekdays but this turned out not to be entirely true (some are, not all of them!) we ordered burgers and nachos.


The nachos were suppose to come with cheese sauce and cheese grated on top however they were just tortillas with cheese and salsa on and so were really dry and  not that nice really - and you know not at all what the menu said they were going to be!


Hooman girl being a vegtablist she had the "Hippy Burger" which is a vegetable patty with Jack cheese topped with salad in a Brioche bun and served with chips. It was pretty good and the meal was a good size for the price of it. Hooman girl was relatively happy with her choice.
Hooman boy had the "Hickory Burger" but this again wasn't quite how it was described on the menu. It was missing some vital components. Firstly it was served in a seeded burger bun NOT a Brioche bun and was without the onion rosti.
Even so it was an alright burger but obviously would of been improved with its intended ingredients and when we go out to lunch we like the food served to be what we actually ordered really!
We spoke to the manager hooman after, well he came over to clear the table and so we took the opportunity to inform him of the issues with the meal. He apologised (but looked confused!) and offered us free dessert (we didn't want free dessert though!). It was the 1st week they had the menu available and so possible the chef didn't know it perfectly yet and maybe they didn't have all the necessary bits available. So we will let them off for now and revisit later in the year to see if they have improved their selection!

We followed up the visit to the pub with a visit to Dawlish Warren beach which has 2 dog friendly area's ; one is just to the right of the pub and the other you have to walk across a bit of the nature reserve (also dog friendly!)  to access. Dawlish Warren a really lovely area and well worth a visit! And if you are in the area then keep your eyes peeled for mahself :)

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