Tuesday 23 August 2011

The Castle inn - lulworth cove BH20 5RN

Nr. Lulworth Cove, West Lulworth Dorset. BH20 5RN - Tel no. 01929 400311

Went to The Castle inn during a trip down to the area last weekend, as driving up there's a sign pointing across the road to a small car park where you're expected to park to use this pub. They wanted to charge £6 to park and the car park was completely full anyway. Luckily we found on street parking for free after 6pm just up the road so parked up there and walked down to the pub. Note: we have been informed by the castle inn that the car park is free to patrons. 

Theres some seating out the front the pub (and a giant chess set)  but the floor is concrete and next to the road, if you go round the side the pub some more there is some steps (these are pretty steep so not suitable for people with mobility issues and maybe some dogs, but Eddie managed them okay and he is forever falling up and down steps.) which leads to their garden; which is nice, not huge and a little sloped in places but it does the job. 

The Pub doesn't have menu's just the food board in the Dorset bar which 1) gets really crowded with people looking at what to eat and trying see around others then squeeze back out to order their choice, also 2) if the rest your party is sat in the garden you have to keep tackling those steps to tell them what's on offer or take everyone inside with you. 
Prices are quite high but not extortionate and meals were a good size and came with a basket of bread rolls which was a nice touch. Some ideas of what was on the menu include salads, ploughmans, soup, fishermans pie, scallops, curry, vegetable bake, pasta dishes, scampi, cod, tuna or salmon steak, pies and various steaks; plus side orders such as chips, garlic bread, etc and a separate childrens menu. 
There was 5 or 6 vegetarian options which is great as usually only get one or two options on most menus and these all sounded like nice dishes. 
Food was served promptly and was very nice as well. 

The whole pub is dog friendly including the restaurant and bar areas and they offer a B&B service which is also dog friendly. There is even dog treats on the bar (like you use to find salted nuts on bars) - we liked this very much. 

There was various board games scattered around for people to play whilst enjoying their visit. 

Toilets were clean with more than enough hand wash and even hand cream by the sinks, although the hand towel bin was overflowing. 

Lovely area, very close to lulwoth cove and there are miles and miles of walks in the area. Close to other major attractions and there are leaflets available in the bar for alot of these to give you some ideas.  

Taken from the pubs website 

  • No charges for dogs (except damages).
  • Access to refrigerated food storage.
  • No restrictions on type/amount of dogs.
  • Full access to our bars and gardens.
  • Miles of local walks.
  • Spare bowls are available.
  • Dogs come for breakfast too!
  • Local Veterinary Hospital
  • Outside tap for muddy paws!
  • Bucket, sponge and towels are available.
  • Backup dog food is available.
  • Scoop bags and waste bin available on request.
  • Torch available for late night dog walks.
  • Dogs immortalised on the "Dog Page"!

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