Saturday 4 February 2012

My weekend playdate with Tessamaraner and Harv the Lab

So this morning was exciting. The hoomans did taking me back to the Bird in Hand pub in Saltford where I had done arranging to do meeting with 2 my fwends from twitter and their hooman. Their names are Tess and Harvey and their hooman is named Claire. Tess is a weimaraner which is a kind of small grey thing with big floppy ears. She did tweeting me a joke. "I'm a hound and I'm grey but I'm not a greyhound. what am I?" .... "I'm Tessamaraner!" Her big brother Harvey is a Labrador and he is black. He is getting a bit old now (think he was like maybe 9 or something) and has poorly leggys so he likes a small slow mooch.
ooops. never work wiv animals. 
So yeah any way we did meeting up. Tess did a bit of shouting at me when she 1st did seeing me. I think she was a bit excited to be seeing me at last. and I did wagging my tail at her to say I liked the look of her. Harvey I think I forgot to say "Hi" to him at first coz I was doing listening to what Tessamaraner had to do saying. and then we did choosing to walk down the river pathway and did spotting the swans. When we got to the end bit we did eatting some treats and bikkies and had a foto taken together... the 1st one we didn't do very good posing.

Then we got this one ....

Tess and Claire and Harvey and Cat

I like play dates I do. Here I said a better Hello to Harv' and we sniffed each others noses.
When we got back to the cars and it was time to say bye bye I did thinking to myself I not wanting my fwends to do going home and went to chat to them some more.  They have a carpet in the car. A CARPET!!! but I got a pillow in my car. uh huh!!!

Bye Tess. Bye Harv. See yu nuther times. 

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