Tuesday 22 May 2012

BMAD festival

I have seen the BMAD bikers in Paignton in the past on their weekly Wednesday bike nights and knew they had an annual festival on the bank holiday weekends but had never been to one befores. Den I did fink now I live real close by I should go check it out. So off I went.

Here I am arriving at the festival.

I looked at alot of different stalls - Here I am with the ride of respect 2012 stall

Here's a MOD bike wiv ALOT of mirrors (above) and here's me infront of the bike (right)

I met some other greyhounds who were also checking out the bikes.

I bought my own self a biker bandana and a biker skull cap - here I am modelling it.

There was ALOT of bikes all over Paignton this weekend. All different sizes and shapes and colours.

It wuz luffly to finally get to go along and see the festival and I yam looking forward to going to one of the weekly bike nights when they start up. I wonder if anyone will recognise my own self. :)

You can check out the BMAD website for more information on them own selves.

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