Tuesday 22 May 2012

Whippety doo dah collars

So my fwends Whippety doo dah wuz doing haffing a competition to win one of their bootiful collars. You had to do telling them what the name of the painting dey showed you wuz. Well I did trying real hard to find the answer and eventually worked it out and sent in my answer (even though Whippety doo dah duz make whippety collars and  I yam a greyhound!) and I received an email back fwom them. This what dey said.

"As the first person (or really that should be very intelligent greyhound) to successfully answer the first ever competition question, let me know your collar size and address and I'll send a free collar specially to fit you.  Just let me know the measurement around your neck where your greyhound collar normally lies - or your bandana normally fits..

I've got a great blue bandana style fabric (Sam has a collar made from in the FB album 'The Leas') or - if you really wanted to be ironic a cat/kitten pattern :)  Sam and Lilah reckon that one of the paisley pattern collars would look fab on Cat.  Of course if you'd just like a surprise... :) (Something suitable for such a great greyhound of course)."

I wuz so hexcited to be getting my very own speshal collar fwom my fwends Sam and Lilah and der hoomam Anne. So I sended dem an email back wiv my neck measurements (which turned out to be 14" which is pretty whippety after all)  and did waiting in anticipations to see what collar I wuz to receive.
A few days later the post hooman arrived wiv an envilope fur my own self. I ripped it open and out fell ... TWO collars fwom Whippety doo dah. TWO collars just fur my own self.

I got the Hippy Chic and  the Multi Paisley collars.
Dey do telling me the multi-paisley iz 14" and  the Hippy chic is a little bigger. They both fitted me luffly.

The Whippety doo dah people do making lots different collars. (they also make cushions!) Here's what they say about themselves (Taken fwom der website!)

My husband and I acquired a whippet cross as our first family dog shortly after we were married and were advised by our vet never to use a 'straight' (or normal) collar on any type of hound as, if she/he pulled on his/her lead, a normal collar could damage the delicate tissues of her neck.

Like many whippet owners, we soon became a little bored with the 'run of the mill' leather whippet collars that were around.  Even though there is now a wider range of leather collar colours, we don't like 'breaking in' a new leather collar, and we wanted something different.

We looked around for something a little different but could only find collars that were based on un-shaped webbing collars.  Yes, there's loads of lovely ones out there, but the vet's words always lingered at the back of our minds about damaging the delicate neck tissues. 

This led to me having the brainwave of making fabric collars (usually 100% cotton, but some silk or faux suede) which are based on the shaped traditional hound collar style.

The result has been that there have been several owners of other whippets (or should that be human pets who belong to whippet owners?) who have asked where we got the collars that our dogs were wearing.

So ... to help out... we decided to start making our own collars (and cushions).

The result has been ...

Whippety Doo Dah collars and cushions!

And here are some more pics of their other collars (again taken off their website!)

They haff lots more and are always adding more. and you can haff dem on buckle collars or martingale collars. Dey also say dey do "bespoke" collars which I think means dey can make dem how you want dem speshally. 

I duz luff mine collar fwom my fwends at Whippety doo dah. Here iz me wearing the hippy chic collar sunbathing on a cliff (yeah!) 

The collars fit luffly as dey is speshally made fur houndies with us speshal houndie necks so dey dont choke us or cut us like what some collars can do to houndies and dey be soft materials so dey dont feel yucky when we wearing dem. Also look how pwitty it is. 
Once you start wearing it the material loosens up a bit so if it tight when you 1st get it be okay once you walk on it for a bit. 
I give the whippety doo dah collar 4 out of 5. It maybe be better if you could adjust the size of it yourself at home for when you haff more furs in the winters and less in the summer but it not really matter coz dey be soft fabrics so dey not be real tight and if dey a little loose it okay too. Other than that its pawsome. :) you should all buy one fur your own selves. 

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