Saturday 29 September 2012

Colwick Park wiff Zak Greyhound and team Furry Face

We met up with Zak Greyhound on Monday morning before leaving Nottingham for one last playdate. Zak was going to show me his park where he walks every day - it's called Colwick Park and its a nature reserve right next to Nottingham racecourse.

its address is

Colwick Park
Mile end road
It has ponds and lakes and trees and ducks and bridges and grass and lots of sooper sniffing....oh! and stinky fish! what yoo can do rolling in if your quick enough - right Zak? 

me sniffing before I ran off to investigate
We went fur a walkies and ah wuz allowed off mah lead coz I pwomised to stay close to Zak - but then I sniffed something sooper way over to the left in the trees and off I zoomed to investigate. all the hoomans yelled and whistled fur me but ah didn't care and hooman girl had come get me. She had her "time out" face on so ah did mah best "ah sowwy hooman girl, ah didnt mean it" face back up at her and wagged mah tail ... but he still put me back on mah lead. 

 We did some more walkies, sniffed around the trees and Zak went in the waters. Then him asked fur his borly to play wiff what goes sqweek sqweek sqweek. and did some playing wiff that. Him and the fluffy ones did some running around but ah still had stay on mah lead coz ah wuz still in time out.

Zak disappered in to the trees - see he duz it and its okay? - and came out with a couple fwends of his. So we all sed heywo to each other and did sniffings bottoms and getting fusses off hoomans.

 Then we walked and sniffed some more and Zak gave his borly to another fwend who decided her was going keep it. BOL paw Zak. *sad pointy face*  

There was lots more sniffing to do though, we saw some ducks, the fluffy ones went in to the trees - not up the trees - and Zak went paddling up to his chin wiff the gooses (but not swimming, Zak duznt do swimming!) 

Oh and we crossed the river trent on steppy stones - well I didnt ah juz walked in the waterz even tho ah had a baddy toe and was spose be keeping it clean. 

When we had finished our walk we went back to my wheelies and shared fishy flapjacks and fishy skins around and got more sooper fusses whilst we all sed bye to each other. 

My Favorite part of the walkies was: when ah ran off in to the trees, even if ah did get time out for it. 

My worst part was: getting time out for not listening when told (but I didnt really mind coz I was still haffing fun wiff my fwends!)

me in the waterz

A fluffy face (sorry dont know which one)

Zak being bouncy

When we was driving home we saw the doggy what stole Zaks borly crossing the road. her was walking along going sqweek sqweek sqweek still chewing on Zaks borly. :) 

Zak Greyhound says: "its the best park an its got everyfing a hound could want wide open spaces for zoomies an playin ball, woods for sniffins an chasin squirrels an rabbits an 2 lakes an the river where you can go paddlins to cool off or get a drink wen its too hot an its sooper safe cos its so far from the main road in fact its a racecourse away :D "