Thursday 27 December 2012

An interview with an orfur called Harry

I did intervoo a twitter fwend of mine called Harry what duz orlso be an orfur of a booky :) 

What is yoo?
I is a dog of course *rolls eyes* I is an English Springer Spaniel.

How many hooman years old is you?
I is 2 years and 11 months in dog years so dat is nearly 21 hooman years! Oh my dog I is old hoomin Bol Bol 

Hoo duz yoo liff wiv?
I live wiv me mums boss mum and second in command. I also liv wiv me sisfur Maggie she my little sis.

Where duz yoo liff?
I liv in Devonia in a little village near Dartmouth.

Where is yoor favorite place to visit?
 I wuv da beach it is pawsome.
Why duz yoo like it?
I wuv running on de sand and pickin up de seaweed and den me mums chase me twyin to get it orf me Bol Bol I alo wuv de sea I wuv swimming in de sea it pawtastic.

Do yoo haff any best fwends?
My best fweind is my girlfweind Summer @summerhollett I has lots of bestest fweinds too but she speshul. My ofur fweinds are @humfthecocker @angelthefurball @dog_murray @stanleyhollett @harveycusick and soooooo many many more!

Duz yoo haff a faborite toy?
My fav toy is me tennis balls dey so versatile Bol Bol Bol

What do yoo eat (for your main noms)?
I has kibble and sometimes a bit of meat.

Duz yoo haff a faborite treat? And what do yoo like about it?
I wuvs stuffed hooves. Dey be double tweats yoo get to eat all de inside den chew away fur hours on end at de hoof. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Is there any noms yoo DONT like or cant eat?
I hear yoo write like me and have a booky? Tell us about it!
I has pawed a book. I s a pawthor! It is called "help my dog's on Twitter" it is about my time on twitter and life in general. It is a funny book and has intervoos wiv some of me pals. It also acts as a Twitter guide. It has sold all ofur de wurld and is de furst in a series of books by me.

Do yoo get recognised in the street yet?
Yap I does which is pawsome.

Are you on any other social media sites ova dan twitter?
I is on facebook and I as me own blog too
Anyfink else yoo want tell us?
Yap buy me book on Amazon or Twitter Bol follow me on twitter and read me blog oh and have fun oh and I wuv summer vewy vewy vewy much. Oh and if anyone out der is a literary agent or knows one can dey wecommend me as I fink I need one Bol Bol Bol 
Fanks fur intervooing me dat was fun xxxx

Thanks Harry :) 

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