Monday 31 December 2012

Yappy New Year

In 2012 I had soopa lots adventures and met lots fwends.

Highlights of 2012 

  • I did moving house to the seaside in Devon

  • I did meeting lots of mah fwends, Elfie and Molly and David and Zak and Holly and Harry and Tess and my speshal luff Harvey Bear and Jack and Rappa and Raffi and Twiggy and Lulu and Minnie and Mickey and Bob and Benji and Arti and Sweep and Georgie and Shadie and Gin and Teddy.... so many I cant even rememba everyone. 

  • I did go to the Great British Greyhound Walk (GBGW) and The Great Greyhound Gathering (GGG) and 1000 Greyhounds and so many dog shows.

  • I started competing in fun, family dog shows and won a whole pile of rosettes. 

  • I wrote and published my 1st book
  • I learned to go off lead without running away

  • I learned to play with other dogs and do zoomies thanks to my fwend Sir Elfie

  • I was given lots of luffly pawsome things to test out like collars and toys and noms

  • I got to try out being a big sista when fosta dogs came to stay.  

  • I did lots hexploring and reviewing of places

  • I did some fundraising standing outside shops and I werking on a big event for next year.

Lets hope 2013 is filled with lots more adventures, hexploring, reviewing, meeting fwends and lots of soopa fun! 


  1. Happy new year to you, I likes your blog and will be back to see your adventures, mammy turns on the puta and types when I need her to, her paws are better shapes for these fings. See
    you in twitterland luffs Donna Dog retired greythound x