Wednesday 12 December 2012

What would Cat do for a treat!!!

So I just was reading my pals Deccy's blog  and I came across a post he wrote about a competition that's happening at the moment by Money Super Market asking what us "pets" do for treats!

As some of you will know I DO NOT perform for my noms, my noms should be served to me as and when I demand them from the hoomans - I'm a greyhound. We are above putting on a show to get what is our right to have! :)

But ...

I do seem to end up in silly hats and outfits an orful lot - here's just some of the things I have been bribed in to wearing with the promise of a nommy snack in return! 
Here I am being promised a Harringtons Training Treat if I will get my paws wet - I dont like the waves so getting my paws wet is a HUGE deal to me (I was doing it quite soopa good then hooman girl sed "lets film you" and I got a bit performance anxiety and wouldn't do it the bestest any more but did get some of my number 1 favorite nom!) 

I even balanced one on my head ....

Can I have a nom please :)

I even do my own shopping to make sure I get all the noms that I need....
This way hoomans!

The hoomans say I need these books all about training your dog - This is my "what do ya mean hoomans?" face! 
shut up and buy me something! 

Yes, I will have these please...

But like I say; I don't work for treats. The hoomans are quite well trained becuz dem duz do buying me most the things I do asking fur, and I get my regular noms on a daily basis. I get breakfast and lunch at regular times and I get my Pedigree jointcare+ chew at 11am everyday. When we go walkies I can usually convince them to serve up plenty of treats (I got a little head bob I do what duz telling them "I need noms"). Ofcourse like all hoomans they are alot of hard work and training them is an ongoing process that I have to keep working on with them. Unfortunately I teach them something and they seem to forget skills they had in the past so we have to go back to basics! 
At the moment I am working on nite time training with them. They have forgotten that they must get up and come down stairs when I call to them. They have started sleeping through the night and not making regular visits down stairs to pet me, check I'm warm enough, see if I need a wee, check if I'm too hungry to survive until breakfast. So I have had put alot of work in to pacing around the room making noises and scratching at the sofa covers, shaking my big floppy ears and huffing until one of them come down to see what I "need". I have had to step up the training and work on this with them about every hour every night! 

There is one "command" I know and always get my treats for.


I even "Down" in water if the treats are soopa nommy! 

If you would like to enter the competition your own self and show money supermarket what YOU would do for a treat click HERE

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