Thursday 6 December 2012

Mine letter to Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws 

I haff been a bery good girl this year, I haff learned to go off mah lead (and even recall sometimes!), I have stopped wearing a face cage and learned to play wiff other dogs and I haff been soopa brave coz even dho ah still haff what the dogtor called my "path-o-logikal feer dizhorder" I haff been werking soopa hard on  not doing shakings and pantings every time we haff leave the house and every time us go somewhere new and when we go indoors places wat isnt my home. I beened to pubs and in fwends homes and to BIG events (well I did my shakings and pantings der but the hoomans say I did try hard!) ah even went to an air display show or ... 4! and I did helpink lots I did fundraising of pennies fur charity and wroted mah booky and stood outside a shop to get pennies and ah did looking after a lurcha what had no home fur a little bit and taught her all  my bestest habits so her wud be a greyt lurcha fur a new family. 

So coz of all of dat ah finks ah deserves to get what ah wishes fur under mah twee this year ....

I would like :-  

  • A Christmas bandanna
  • A Cake from DeMontforts 
  • Soft Bizkwits
  • Smelly things
  • Twisters 
  • Harringtons Salmon Treats
  • A Christmas dinners of mah own wiff gravy and meats
  • A walk in the park 
  • Ear scritches 
  • Snozzages
  • A furry 
Orlso Santa Paws if yooz could ah wud likes mah fwends what bees in kennels still looking fur dem fureva sofas to haff a nice Christmas and maybes dem cud find dems families in the new year? and mah fwends wat be sick ah wud like dems to not be sick no more, fur dems to not have oweys and sickys at least fur Christmas so dems can enjoy it too. And mah fwends what haff sads I would like dems to not be sads no mores for dems to be happy like mahself  is :) Do you thinks you can do dat fur me Santa? ah hope soos!

Thank Yooz Santa 

Wiff luffs and licks 

Cat Greyhound aged 11 hooman years and 4 hooman munfs 



  1. Very restrained list cat... Harringtons Salmon parcels are my favourite too Deccy x

  2. ah neffer had their salmon before but I LOVE the liver training treats! nom nom nom

    I thought about asking for a bowt as well coz I really like the ones on mah beach and spend hrs and hrs sniffing around dem and looking in them and under them ... but hoomans says santa cant fit it on his sleigh this year :( So ah ask for smaller things :) What you asking for Deccy? x