Sunday 13 January 2013

Haytor Dartmoor - Walkies with pointy nosed friends.

Today we went up to Haytor - Haytor is a big hill with a huge pile of rocks at the top in Dartmoor. It is very popular with hoomans who like to walk and can be spotted from miles away. It's very tall coz its 457 metres high and situated right on the eastern side of Dartmoor.  If you want to find it your own selfs then you can use the post code TQ13 9XT or just use a map and hope for the best! 

It has 2 car parks, one at the bottom what has a visitor centre and toilets and a national trust shop and an ice cream van (he orlso sells hot drinks and hot dogs and soup!). and the one at the top orlso has an ice cream van but no toilets or shop or anything. 

So any way, we went to Haytor to meet my good fwends the pointy noses AKA Poppy (Whippet), George (Fluffybum lurcher) and Pixie (Whippet) and their hooman lady Jo.

We did start to walk up the big hill and George was allowed off his lead so hooman girl sed I could go off my lead but I had to be good - what I can be if I try soopa hard! 
Then coz there was no other animals - like sheeps and horses and cows - around the Whippets were allowed to go offlead as well :) 

 We did run and zoom and bounce all ova and it was soopa good fun.  

 And then before us did know it... we was at the top of the hill :) 

Then we did have a little rest - well I did; the little pointy noses were still running all around. 


Then it was time to start the walk back down the hill


It was a soopa walkies wiff my fwends and der was lots and lots of other doggies on walkies too :)

What I liked about Haytor

  • There is lots of things to sniff
  • Lots of space
  • Other dogs to meet
  • Luffly views
  • Ice cream van fur ice creams and hot dogs
  • There's usually wild horses what are luffly.
What I not like about Haytor (or more what hoomans didn't like)
  • No hot water in the toilet
  • No doggy bins


  1. That looks like such a beautiful place to walk and some great zoomies going on there!

  2. It looks like a grand time!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Its so different from my home state of Maine! I've never seen such a wide open place and wild horses! I might have to make a visit if me and charlie ever get to do some international travel.