Sunday 19 May 2013

Higher Moor Farm - Weymouth

Sunday 12th May 

Hooman girl comed down stairs at 7am (yes 7am) and began putting lots different noms in to a special bag to stop them getting hot incase the sun came out! Then her loaded bags and sleepy bags and pillows and the camera in to the wheelies (i stayed on the sofa soopavisings). Once her wuz dun organising I was taken fur morning weez and then loaded in to the wheelies as well! 

All set and secure we began our adventure! 

We drove along lots of zigzaggy roads twisting and turning until we came to a gate and a security barrier. We had arrived at higher moor farm campsite - hooman girl entered a magic code in to the machine and the barrier opened and let us into the field. 

- i'll skip all the putting tent up dramas but i sunbathed and had a late breakfast whilst it happened around me - 

The campsite

Higher moor farm is a medium sized campsite that allows tents, caravans, and motorhomes (just no commercial vehicles) and naturally dogs are welcomed. 
So its like a big field with a little road up the middle and lots little cabins dotted around which are the toilets, showers, etc. 

There is also a play park plus goal net, basketball hoop and table tennis table, a farm shop and a sectioned off doggy walking/toilet area (coz it is not polite to do #pooclub on your neighbours doorstep.) 


The toilets are inside one of the little portacabins but inside it looks lovely and smart. There are about 5 cubicles and 2 showers (with hand basins for private washing area), a really pawsome hand dryer and a hair dryer too. 

The soap dispensers work and were well stocked, plenty of loo roll and the cleanest we seen on a campsite if not overall. 

The main door kept swinging open and not securing when shut on the 1st day we stayed but they put a self closing mechanism in whilst we were there which fixed this problem (but stopped me spying on hooman girl).

Play area

No dogs allowed in the play area but it is close to the tent pitches on that side of the site so you can keep peepers on the hooman puppies whilst they play safely. 

Dog toilet/walking area

This is a part of the field that has a perimiter fence around it (only around one side so isnt secure area) for you to do wees and pooclub.
This is good because alot of sites say dogs to be exercised off site but that not soopa practical for last wees before bed or early morning pooclub so this is nice to only have to walk to the corner the field - just cross your legs until you get there (we camped as close to it as we could get)

Farm shop

I not sure if dogs are allowed in here but i think not so i waited in the wheelies and sent hooman girl to check out the inside. 
They sale ice cream, frozen dinners, dog food, cake, post cards, drinks, sweets, fruit, essential camping equipment like wash products and tinned food and even camping stoves. 
It was a nice shop and not too expensive either, nice hooman working there too he was soopa fwendly (hooman girl didnt ask his name tho).

Washing facilities

There is a washing up point on side of the toilet block and roomer has it that there is a laundry room which also has a washing up sink - we didnt see it but the map says its the other side the site by the farm barns. I have seen fotos of it on their facebook page and it looks soopa so if you stay longer than 2 days then you could check those out. 

Pawsome points!

1. Not a large site so not overly busy and crowded but also plenty space for everyone
2. Good size pitches
3. Staff are friendly and helpful (they let us check in early too so we could get set up before going go meet my fwends) 
4. Clean
4. Good facilities
5. Free wifi
6. Free showers which are temperture and pressure controlled by you 

Things that weren't so soopa

1. Very windy insite so peg down that tent well and the grounds very soft so the tent pegs do move about when it's especially windy
2. The electricity pilon was quite noisy at times 
3. No locks on shower cubicles


  1. That sounds great. Daddy is keen for us to go camping later in the year, so we'll bear it in mind :-)