Friday 10 May 2013

Park Day 2.0 BINGO!

 TerrierTorrentMy friend Misaki  mentioned on her blog that she had been playing park day bingo which is a game invented by Gizmo and Finn

Long tail short you have to choose a bingo card off Gizmo's blog and do all the items on it to make a line of 5 and then shout BINGO!

I've chosen 2 cards to work on whilst I'm away camping next week. 

Here they are ....

I will update this when I get my Bingos! 

Now I have been on a looong week camping adventure I have managed to get some of my bingos crossed off (but we didnt manage get fotos of every single one so I dont know if I qualifry- like the flutterby we couldnt get a foto of him) here's what I saw/did! 

 Find flowers - I found lots but heres me and some daisys in my fwends garden 

Find a dog playing frisbee - Now I saw my fwend George AKA fluffybum playing frisbee but I didnt get a foto so heres a foto taken on the same day of me with my fwends (George is the fluffy one far right)

Find a monument/sculpture - heres a war monument in Southsea Portsmouth I did see 

Take a walk in a nature reserve - here I am at Berry head nature reserve (I standing VERY still coz its on top a cliff)

Visit a park more than 30 mins from home - here I am with my fwend Casey in Brighton (its about 5 hrs from home)

Spot a squirrel - does nutty count? I met him at a country show on bank holiday Monday 

Visit nearest body of water - here's me and theres the water behind me 

The others I did were like pages and follow blogs so I cant prove I did those very easy. 

and the other card - 

Find flowers

Find a monument or sculpture - theres the thingy and the fethery thingy in Southsea

Walk a nature reserve - here I am with my pointy fwends 

Visit a park more than 30 mins from home - this ones about 1.5 hrs - 2hrs away

See a swiwwal - me and nutty again 

Visit a park at sunset - this is actually on the campsite but I say it counts

Visit nearest body of water - me on the boating beach near home


  1. You're off to a fine start Cat...I can't wait to see which Bingos you do and all the pictures you take! Have a wonderful outdoor weekend :)

    1. Hey Gizmo, I'm looking forward to my week away camping and visiting friends and will work on achieving some of my card whilst I'm away. I think I can do it *nods*

      Have a greyt weekend


  2. Hey Cat, you're going to have such fun playing park bingo. Really glad you're taking part!

  3. Thank you for joining in! That is a HUGE squirrel!!! Love your sunset photo too.

  4. Excellent Bingos! I count at least four there..Pawsome!I love Nutty the Squireel...Did you get to chase him *giggle* Thanks for playing! I hope you had fun

  5. My mommy laughed at loud as she was scrolling down and then saw the picture of Nutty the Squirrel. Great job on your BINGO cards!

  6. Hiya Cat! Make sure you stop on by to ready my blog post tomorrow (Thursday) ok?