Wednesday 24 September 2014

Toomer farm campsite

We stayed at Toomer farm on the "campsite" when we visited the local area for woofstockuk, we had some trouble organising staying there as we couldn't get an answer on the phone and when we emailed we got some confusing replies about horses and couldn't get a clear answer on how much it would cost to stay here , etc. Anyway we spoke to someone the week before our stay to ask if we could come a day early and they said yes but didn't take any details on who we were or anything and seemed eager to get off the phone. We arrived as intended on the Friday afternoon ready for Woofstock the next day and after some searching found someone to point us to where we could camp ( they pointed out a window to a small field next to the stables and surrounded by other fields with horses (and broken down cars, bits of rubbish and the like) in! We went ahead and set up the tent and the lady at the site told us that they would find us later for payment. We didn't see her (or anyone else again until the evening of the Sunday (we left Monday morning) when we went to the main house/ B&B to find them so we could pay the bill. The bill was pretty average really (can't remember exactly now buy think was £45.50 or something similar.)

The facilities weren't very good, they had a toilet block with a shower, a sink and 2 toilets in each one (one for male and one for female!) but the water in the sink was cold, the shower only had a curtain (no lockable door) and the main toilet block door in men's didn't shut (the ladies was just sticky to open and close but did close if you pulled it hard!) The toilet block did at least have heating which was a small bonus!

The camping field is adjacent to a field with an old caravan and a rather large horse and the giant horse was determined to escape and spent a lot of his time banging against the gate that was only secured with a rope (until he removed the rope with his mouth!) and stamping his hoofs on the floor and making lots of angry horse noises! He was a bit scary and we was worried he would get out and hurt us (Hooman girl did go talk to him before she saw his behaviours and he tried headbutt her away so we left him to it!)

It is a pretty good area for visiting in Somerset or Dorset (it's right on the border between the two counties) and it had an impressive agility field for the horses to use so if you are a horse you may enjoy a visit! We won't be going back though!

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