About Eddie and Cat Greyhound


Eddie and Cat  are both beautiful greyhounds who enjoy exploring beaches, parks and cafe's and going on holidays to stay in caravans, lodges and their own tents. 

Eddie went to rainbow bridge on 06/01/12 aged 13 years 3 months; Eddie was white with fawn patches and was born 12 October 1998 in Swindon. His favourite thing to eat ever was cucumber; He'd eat anything if he thought it was cucumber. He also liked to have his daily Pedigree Dentastix which he knew as "Eddie Roo Chews" Eddie liked to visit the beach but most of all liked to go out for breakfast where he would get his own sausage and egg. 

Cat is white with black patches (in the style of a cow) and was born 22nd August 2001 and is approaching 14 years of age, Cat's favourite food is cake; especially Demontfort delight cakes, she also loves ham and chicken and her favourite treats are liver treats of any variety, she loves liver. Cat loves visiting different beaches especially soft sandy beaches like Goodrington, West Wittering or Weymouth.  She likes anything up high or where she can feel like a giant. She likes to visit model villages and cliff tops to look at the sea. 

Cat wrote a recent post following some insensitive comments from strangers about her in her older days entitled "Dear stranger in the park..." which includes more facts about "Moo". 

Eddie and Cat both worked as racing dogs in Swindon for Robert Smith and Cat originally raced in Ireland (but was called Hannah then). 
Eddie retired from racing in 2001 when he was 3 years old and came to live with a new family in Bristol and 6 years later he decided he'd like a friend so Cat came to stay; she was 5 years old and had been retired for 2 years and had 8 puppies. 

Eddie and Cat are joined on their travels by their "hoomans" Jac and Paul who help them to review their finds.

We started this blog back in July 2011 to review our favorite dog friendly days out and holidays. We found in the past that it's easy to find dog friendly B&B's on the internet but finding info on campsites, attractions, pubs, cafes etc where dogs (especially larger breeds) are welcomed was much harder. So we thought we would try fix this :)

The blog has grown since then when we had just a random selection of reviews. We now have a long list of reviews all neatly ordered under area tabs at the top of the blog, reviews on products we have tested, links with local and national businesses, and rescue and rehoming organisations. 

We published our 1st book in 2012 and it features some of our favourite dog friendly places in Devon. In July 2013 we published a second guidebook covering a larger area of the UK. - You can find them both here

If you would like any recommendations on camping or travelling with dogs or information on places to visit or if you have a recommendation or tip on a place you would like us to check out and review then you can like us on facebook and send us a message. 

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