Rainbow Bridge

A page dedicated to the memory of our friends now at the bridge! Please let us know if you would like a pet added to our page! 

Eddie (Roo!) - Our boy! (Eddy the Brickie!) 12/10/98 - 06/01/12 

Gina (GG) - 16/10/02 - 14/12/13 

Millie (Moo!) 



Malcolm and Lulu 




Bella (Princess!) 

Little Pippa 

Sweepy (Botanic Sweep)

David (David's Best Mate)

Meester Bramble (David's Piggy Brofur!) 

Molly Moo 

Moo's on the left, with her brofur Sir Elfie in the middle and myself on the right

Elf and Moo

My 1st visit to Elfie and Moo's beach and they both wanted me to play (I didn't know how to play then but  I learnt that weekend!) 

Molly Moo taking it more easy at GBGW 

Shadie (14/2/99 - 9/5/14) 

Shadie our very special friend who was so so brave and such a little fighter with the cutest whippety trot and fluffy suluki ears. 

Toby (Wobes) 


  1. <3 <3 <3 <3 them all
    miss my special Shadie so much <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Though we never met any of these gorgeous hounds (12,000 miles of ocean separate us) we knew so many of them through Facebook, and our Mum says she has a lump in her throat now, looking at all these beautiful photos. They may be gone, but they will always live on in people's hearts and memories ... xxx

    Solo and Krissy (and Mum Maureen)
    New Zealand